Arek Głębocki, a professional ballet dancer and inspired dance photographer based in Koblenz, Germany.

Born in Wrocław, Poland. Arek graduated from the Ballet School in Poznań. He has had the privilage of performing in countries like Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Russia and Germany.

When Arek isn't dancing, he is working with the dancers to bring his artistic vision to life. The pieces that Arek exhibits use limited post-production work.

exhibitions & events

Hinter den Kulissen
18.05.16 - 01.06.16
Koblenz, Germany

photo exhibition


dance performance 

"Henjin Hensin"

chor.Kaho Kishinami

The Event
New York City, USA

photo exhibition in Manhattan

Koblenz 2019
Koblenz, Germany

photo exhibition

"seeing is believing"

in Atelie am Schloss,

Sandra Hundelshausen

Zwischen davor
und danach
30.11.19 - 22.12.19
Koblenz, Germany

photo exhibition with ARK e.V. artists team

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